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What is WaggTagg?

WaggTagg™ is the new way to help retrieve your dog if it goes missing and it's FREE for new Bark Busters clients. Anyone finding your dog simply scans the unique QR code on the WaggTagg or enters the WaggTagg ID into our website. They are then able to let you know they have found your dog.

You control how the finder contacts you from your WaggTagg account on this website. You can add a photo of your dog and additional information that will help the finder identify your dog and get in touch with you.

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How WaggTagg works

Activate your WaggTagg

Activating your WaggTagg takes just a few minutes. We ask for details about the dog and how we can best contact you. We only use the information in the event your dog is missing. Everything you provide will help us reunite you with your pet.

Activate your WaggTagg™

Your dog goes missing

If your dog is missing, simply log onto the WaggTagg website and change the dog's status to MISSING. This enables all your information for anyone who may find the dog. You may not be aware your dog is missing. No worries. If someone finds your dog they can contact you directly.

Report your dog as missing

Your dog is found

Anyone with a smart phone can scan the WaggTagg or visit the website to contact you using the contact information you decide to expose to the finder. In the event you wish to keep your contact details private, the finder can use a contact form.

Found a WaggTagg dog?

Discover the WaggWalker

The WaggWalker is a kind and gentle way to train your dog to walk by your side. If your dog begins to pull forward, the harness employs a zipping sound through the chain that lies across the dog's chest. This sound is used to communicate with your dog so that he learns to know exactly where you want him to walk. The WaggWalker Dog Harness is easy to use and requires little effort to get your dog to walk by your side. It fits and adjusts easily to the size of your dog. Each harness comes with a free bonus collar clip, which attaches to the dog's resident collar giving you a total safety package when walking with your dog.

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